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This Reddit User Found a Way to Install Flappy Bird Onto His Vape Battery

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Flappy Bird cannot be kept down for long. All it needs is a couple light nudges to take flight once again.

The perennial stoner favorite may have been removed from the app store nearly five years ago due to the creator’s guilt over its addictive nature, but that wasn’t going to stop the cannabis-consuming public from finding a way to enjoy the insipid yet enthralling video game while they’re too baked to play anything better.

Reddit user u/​neft98, posting to r/​trees, showed off his way of bringing Flappy Bird back to his fingertips — by installing it onto his vape pen battery.

Getting the iOS app to function on a e‑Vic VTC Mini battery is quite the feat. You’d think he would have to be quite the fan to undertake the effort. Weird thing is – he kind of sucks at it. With a high score of just 17, either he’s super high, or maybe a vape pen isn’t really the best platform for gaming.

You can see it in action on reddit, or watch a video of another enterprising vaper getting flappy below:

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