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7 Ways Marijuana Affects Your Sleep

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You’ll often hear some people say they only use marijuana to help sleep at night. And while there is plenty of evidence to suggest that cannabis will help you fall asleep, there are other ways that using marijuana will affect your adventures in dream land.

Here are seven ways marijuana affects how you sleep:

1. Indica Strains Help You Sleep

It’s widely known that indica strains make you feel more relaxed and lazy, but they often also make you feel sleepy. And what happens when you feel sleepy? Well, you sleep! Makes sense except…

2. CBD Does Not Help

There are many things CBD can do, but helping you sleep is actually not one of them. One study found that animals given CBD were more alert with lights on, and had no discernible effects with lights off. So if you’re trying to sleep in a light environment, CBD will actually prevent you from doing so, and it won’t help you fall asleep in the dark. So you’ll want high THC, low CBD to help you fall asleep.

3. Older Cannabis Makes You Even Sleeper

If you have some marijuana that’s been left around for awhile, you may want to use it as a sleep aid. When THC degrades over time, it turns into CBN, a different cannabinoid that’s known for its sedative-like effects.

4. Relaxes the Mind

Do you ever feel like your mind is racing at night as your thinking about everything possible? Well taking marijuana can help relax your mind and not make you so mixed up in your head about everything. It’s a similar reason why cannabis is good for treating PTSD. But there is a downside…

5. Marijuana Can Eliminate Your Dreams

Marijuana use before sleep has been shown to reduce the amount of time a person spends in REM sleep. REM is the part of the sleep cycle, usually near the end of the night, where people begin experiencing dreams, or at least more vivid dreams. But if that time is reduced, then you’re less likely to have dreams. That can be good if you have frequent nightmares, but if you like having dreams about being an astronaut or a superhero, you may miss out on a little nighttime fun.

6. Abstaining from Marijuana Will Lead to Very Weird Dreams

While using marijuana will lead to no dreams, if you stop using marijuana after doing so regularly, your brain will experience a REM rebound,” where your REM sleep will actually be longer and far more intense. That means you’ll have far more lucid dreams, meaning they’ll feel very real and vivid, and those dreams may not be super pleasant.

7. Help With Sleep Apnea

Admittedly there is only a little research on the subject, but there are some indications that using marijuana can help with your nighttime breathing and prevent sleep apnea, a condition where your breathing becomes obstructed while sleeping causing you to wake up frequently and leading to poor sleep. THC and other cannabinoids basically balance out a person’s serotonin responses, which can prevent some breathing obstructions. But again, there’s only a little evidence to support this.

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