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DIY: How to Make CBD Bath Bombs

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Holly Hill is on a CBD-centric mission. The Denver, Colorado-based cannabidiol maven is known around town for her burgeoning brand, Spirit of the Herbs, which cranks out hemp-based, full-spectrum CBD-infused products to nourish the body. As a medical marijuana dispensary manager, Hill saw firsthand the positive impact CBD had on different types of patients, which inspired her to found her own company in 2013 and to study the synergistic connection between plants and humans, with the help of a 500-hour course offered by Herbalism Roots. Plants, she learned, can work in conjunction with the human body to naturally support its health. It is not about using 100 herbs, but learning how to use one herb, 100 ways,” her herbalist mentor, Tonja Reichley, taught her.

Hill utilizes the Wise Woman method to extract ingredients and infuse them into her line. This tradition centers around utilizing the Earth’s gifts – in the form of local plants – with the intention nourishment and self-love. Hill’s goal is to empower those who seek out remedies for their health, and to offer a product line, featuring her iconic, cure-all salve, as well as tinctures, tea blends, lip balms and massage oils. She periodically invites patrons and students into her den of CBD learning. With a series of hands-on and informative CBD classes, Hill hosts pop-up courses at different, like-minded venues around Denver, with recent extensions into her hometown of Norfolk, Virginia and as far as Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Recently, at a wellness boutique called Peace Cellar, just outside of Denver, an intimate group of women gathered for Ladies Night: Getting Fizzy With It!” — a CBD bath bomb crafting session that began with an educational tidbit on the endocannabinoid system, and how CBD can benefit the skin — the body’s largest organ. CBD, Hill said at the gathering, can help bring [your body] back to homeostasis.”

The local farmers Hill partners with recommend a daily dose of 50 milligrams of CBD. And when it comes to bath bombs, CBD taken in this form can have an anti-inflammatory, anti-oil, nourishing, moisturizing, anti-aging, pain relief, and itch relief effect. 

Hill’s CBD bath bomb line is gaining popularity, thanks to her relaxing, intentional and medicinal recipe. Curious? Here’s how you can experience her bath bombs for yourself!

Homemade CBD Bath Bombs Recipe (Yields 10 half-bombs or five full-size bombs)



A CBD bath bomb can accompany any bath ritual. Light a few candles, put on some soft melodies, and draw your preferred bath, as usual. When ready to soak, simply drop the bomb into the water, which will set off a chemical reaction between the citric acid and the bicarbonate of the baking soda. The result is carbon dioxide, which produces the fun fizz. To reap the full effects, soak in your CBD bath for a minimum of 30 minutes.

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