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Why Cannabis Perfume May Be the Next Big Beauty Trend

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Cannabis is finally mainstream and we are seeing it pop up on every wellness trend and new product list out there. One cannabis beauty trend that is taking off is cannabis-based fragrances. How do these stack up to Chanel No. 5? Let’s take a look.

Cannabis Essential Oils

Cannabis, like all botanicals, contains aromatic oils that impact the aroma and flavor of the plant. These oils are called terpenes and are non-psychoactive; they work in conjunction with other compounds in the plant known as cannabinoids to amplify the therapeutic effects. 

While the idea of a cannabis aroma” might suggest skunky, grassy notes rather than something fragrant you want on your pulse points, the cannabis perfumes on the market may surprise you. With light notes of citrus, wood, pine and berries, cannabis terpenes are the base for many complementary scents that play nicely with other aromatic oils.

In fact, the most prominent cannabis terpenes can also be found in other common botanicals like lavender, clove, mango and citrus. The only thing that previously kept cannabis-sourced terpenes out of perfumes and colognes was the illegal status of the drug. Now that 38 states have legalized cannabis in some capacity, cannabis terpenes can be isolated and used in products such as candles, aromatherapy oils and perfumes. 

The Power of Cannabis Terpenes

Just like aromatherapy essential oils, cannabis terpenes have calming, uplifting and stress-relieving effects. Terpenes are inhaled and pass through the olfactory system, which connects to the parts of the brain that control emotions. Terpenes have been shown to have significant effects on our cognition, mood and social behavior.

Cannabis terpenes in perfumes won’t get you high, but they can offer a gently relaxing and calming effect. 

Where to Find Cannabis Perfume

The list of cannabis fragrances on the market is currently slim, but we anticipate many more perfumes and other aromatic cannabis products coming to market in 2019. 

Malin + Goetz carries a line of frangrances ranging from $20 to $165. This perfume balances spicy notes from black pepper with bright bergamot and warm sandalwood.

Fog & Tree is currently taking pre-orders for their musky, herbaceous cannabis-based Eau de Parfum offered at $68.

Fresh Cannabis Santal for men is available through Sephora starting at $50. The more floral, sultry female counterpart, Fresh Cannabis Rose, is available through Fresh.

Herb Essentls offers a cannabis seed perfume oil with hints of bergamot and citrus for $60.

Replica’ Music Festival is perhaps the fragrance most evocative of hippies and Woodstock with strong notes of patchouli, cannabis and incense.

The newest cannabis fragrance on the market is made by Olo Fragrance in Portland, Oregon. Purple Hindu Kush terpenes from Quill are combined with warm notes of lemon, blond tobacco and frankincense. This perfume is geared towards someone who enjoys a nice fragrance,” says Ian Shaughnessy of Quill. A beautifully packaged and delicately scented unisex fragrance, Imeon is available for $95.

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