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This Cannabis Cream Offers a Smoke-Free High

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For recreational users who don’t like to smoke, don’t own a vaporizer, and don’t have the stomach for edibles, a new method for cannabis consumption has emerged. Cannabis-infused topicals like creams, lotions and balms infused with THC offer consumers a smoke-free high.

One of the companies leading the trend is Cannabiners, a California-based brand management company that focuses on what they call normalization” products, including their lines of beers, coffees and teas, which are designed to offer convenient ways to introduce cannabis into one’s lifestyle.

Recently, Cannabiners teamed up with cannabis tech company Ovation Science to develop their latest product, BASKiN GLOW, which they are touting as the first THC/CBD recreational cream.”

As advertised, the product is a pharmaceutical grade, transdermal cream made with a 1:10 CBD to THC ratio. Their main innovation behind the cream is its protective polymer coating, which keeps the cream on the skin for a longer duration while slowly releasing THC into the bloodstream.

It’s like putting a layer of THC on your skin, then putting a protective layer over that,” Kevin Love, director of product development for Cannabiners, told Civilized. It can’t be washed or sweated off, or, if you were to go for a swim, it stays on.”

In the past, topicals have been largely CBD-based, found in the health and wellness” section of your local dispensary – but Love explained that the burgeoning legal market calls for a more varied and multifaceted use for their discovery.

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