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Cannabis Has A Positive Impact On Quality of Life, Report Seniors In New Study

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If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that more and more seniors are trying cannabis — and an encouraging new study suggests that it’s working rather well.

NORML has reported on a new study from the journal Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine, regarding seniors who have used cannabis over the past year.

Our readers will not be surprised to learn that marijuana improved their overall quality of life. 

The researchers reported that, of the 274 respondents, 45% reported past-year marijuana use. Of these, 54% reported using marijuana both medically and recreationally.”

These cannabis-using respondents reported that, by and large, cannabis use was a positive thing. 71% said their overall health and well-being was better (25% said there was no change and 4% said it was worse). 73% said their quality of life had improved (25% said no change, 4% said worse). 

Most encouragingly, 79% said their pain had improved (only 17% said no change, and 4% said it was worse). Elsewhere, when asked about day-to-day functioning’, 56% of cannabis-using respondents said it had improved, 38% there was no change and 6% said it was worse.

Respondents cited multiple reasons for cannabis treatment, including arthritis, anxiety, depression, cancer and spinal pain. 

They also used several different types of cannabis, including smokeable flower, vaporizers, capsules, edibles, creams and more.

So don’t wait: talk to your parents or grandparents about cannabis today.

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