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I Tried a CBD Suppository So You Don’t Have To

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I love sticking things up my butt, and I’ll take every opportunity I can to do so. That’s why the idea of a CBD suppository sounded heavenly. As someone who doesn’t shy away from a prostate-induced orgasm, I thought a cannabis suppository could further enhance my sex life. I was hoping to have a stronger, full-body orgasm that wouldn’t be localized specifically to my genitalia. 

Besides, I love smoking marijuana before having sex. My orgasms are more powerful, and I feel more connected to my partner when I smoke. I find myself kissing a lot more as opposed to flipping him around and doing what Ludacris loves to do. My partners, too, have noticed the difference. In fact, one girlfriend in college always had a bong set up for me upon my arrival because she noticed how stark the difference was when I got high beforehand.

Still, I was skeptical of a CBD suppository that doesn’t contain any THC. I, like many, take CBD almost every day, and am still unsure of the effect it’s having on my body, or if it’s having any effect at all. THC I clearly feel before sex. CBD, not so much. 

That’s why I was intrigued when I saw that CBD Living now offers a 50 mg CBD suppository; obviously, I decided to give it a try. The directions on the label said to wait 20 minutes before activity” after inserting the one-inch, submarine-shaped suppository into rectum past the sphincter.” They warned that slippage” may occur, which left me feeling disconcerted. There’s something about the word slippage” too close to the word sphincter” that makes me feel uneasy.

Nevertheless, I followed instructions. I lit some candles, prepped a butt plug, and then proceeded to lie on my back while perusing Scruff on my phone. (FYI, it is incredibly simple to insert the bad boy inside you. Made from a fatty acid base with full spectrum nano hemp extract, the texture of the suppository is buttery. It slips in easily, and you don’t feel it once it’s settled” inside.) 

After a half hour, I felt a slight tingling sensation and what I’ll describe as warmth emanating from within. I wouldn’t, however, say my body felt more relaxed, which is what I was hoping for. I also felt like I was leaking, which isn’t a sexy feeling.

Regardless, I carried on. Without wanting to rush, I did exactly what I set out to do over the course of the next 20 minutes. It felt good, really good, but I don’t think that had to do so much with the suppository, as it did with the butt plug, which I hadn’t used to masturbate with in years. Also, I don’t typically light candles and allot 50 minutes, like I did this time around. It’s usually a much quicker, more efficient” to-do. One, two, three *bam* and I’m off to bed.

As a control, I masturbated with the butt plug the following night sans suppository. Again, it felt incredible, but nearly identical to my experience using the suppository the evening prior, confirming my suspicion that it wasn’t necessarily the CBD that enhanced my pleasure. 

I firmly believe the suppository would have felt better if it had THC in it. Without it, the little sucker didn’t do much, at least that I’m aware of — though granted, CBD is known to have sub-perceptible effects. 

One would seek out CBD suppositories both to increase pleasure and decrease pain,” Sophie Saint Thomas, author of Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis and Self-Care, told me. She explained that THC enhances pleasure because it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and causes blood vessels to dilate; CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t work the same way, nor does it stimulate cannabinoid receptors. But, it can be pain-relieving,” she added. Less pain can mean more pleasure, but to be frank, a lot of the hemp CBD marketing is meant to capitalize in non-legal states, where it’s acceptable to use hemp, and therefore adhering to local and federal law.” 

Still, the novelty was kind of cool, and I’m going to have loads of fun bringing it up at my next cocktail reception — Yeah, I stuck a CBD suppository up my butt to see what all the fuss was about” — but do I recommend it? I can’t necessarily say I do, though yet again, everyone’s experience with cannabis is subjective. Perhaps others would prefer their daily dose of CBD this way, rather than as a capsule or tincture. And still, at $60 for a pack of 10, it’s not a bad deal. With each individual suppository costing the same price as a vodka soda during happy hour, why not come to your own decision?

I do, however, recommend smoking a fat joint before having sex, and if a joint isn’t your speed, go ahead and either vape, smoke a pipe, hit a bong, eat a brownie, or use whichever method you prefer to ingest THC. 

God knows after that teasing sexual experiment, I’m going to need to pack a hefty bowl of green before my boyfriend comes over tonight. 

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