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Most E‑Cigarette Smokers Don’t Want to be E‑Cigarette Smokers, Study Shows

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With the rise in the popularity of e‑cigarettes, also known as Juuls or vapes, it’s easy to assume that e‑smokers can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet vape juice. But a new study shows that most people that smoke e‑cigs actually want to quit.

In fact, many people have tried to quit at least once, and might also have tried to reduce their use as well.

The study, published in the Journal of Nicotine and Tobacco Research, is one of the first to examine how many e‑cigarette users want to quit, or have tried to quit. In the past, most studies have focused on the harm of e‑cigarettes and the rise in use, ignoring whether people are trying to quit.

Roughly 10 million people in the United States smoke e‑cigarettes, and many of these people either smoke actual paper and tobacco cigarettes as well, or smoke e‑cigs as a way of weaning themselves off real cigarettes.

The study showed that over 60 percent of these people want to quit, with 16 percent having an actual quit plan within the next year. Over 25 percent had also tried to quit at least once over the last year.

The strategies that people reported using to quit e‑cigarettes include many of the strategies we recommend for quitting traditional cigarettes such as FDA-approved nicotine replacement products or medications, counseling, and social support,” said study author Rachel Rosen.

While e‑cigarettes may be associated with reduced harm as compared to combustible cigarettes, they also are potentially addicting and the e‑cigarette aerosol still contains toxic substances,” she said. As e‑cigarette use continues to increase and as more e‑cigarette users want to quit, it will be important to be ready to help those who may have difficulty stopping on their own.”

And as it turns out, quitting e‑cigarettes is pretty similar to quitting regular cigarettes.

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