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The Incredible Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

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Hemp seed oil is having a major health moment right now, as more and more people realize the incredible effect this liquid gold can have on the body. If you haven’t tried it out for yourself yet, not to worry — you can easily start incorporating this oil into your daily routine. With benefits ranging from a clearer mind to better sleep, hemp oil can become a helpful part of your day.

Lessens Anxiety

The limbic part of our brain, which governs our flight-or-fight response, can play some serious tricks on us, triggering unnecessary stress. Hemp oil can actually work with this brain system and ease the feeling of anxiety, according to a 2011 study. This calming effect can be particularly helpful after a stressful work week or major life event that’s causing you worry. Making hemp oil part of your nightly routine or using it while taking a bath is a great way to reap this benefit.

Decreases Seizures for Those with Epilepsy

If you happen to live with recalcitrant epilepsy, research done in Israel found that using CBD-enriched medical cannabis reduced seizure activity by over 50 percent in over half of its study’s participants. While more research needs to be done to fully understand how help oil can help people with epilepsy, the study shows promising treatment options are on the horizon. Other research has shown that hemp seed oil may also help with another serious medical condition — Alzheimer’s disease. However, since the study was performed in mice, human trials would be necessary before this treatment becomes a recognized health option.

Eases Pain

Using hemp oil topically may provide pain and inflammation relief, as some studies performed with animals have shown. These studies (in rats) found that animals enjoyed relief from arthritis pain and lower inflammation levels — without any apparent side effects. If the same results are shown in humans with further research, hemp oil could be effective for various ailments, from muscle aches to head pain. Having a natural pain alternative can be helpful for those who’d rather not take medication. 

Aids in Sleep

Hemp oil can provide some relief if you find yourself tossing and turning at night. It can not only help you fall asleep but stay asleep as well. For anyone suffering from insomnia, hemp oil is worth a try, whether you take a capsule, apply it topically or ingest it as a tincture. Especially if you’re not into taking other sleep aids, hemp can provide some natural relief.

Regulates Appetite

You’ve likely heard before that cancer patients have been prescribed medical marijuana to help them regain their desire to eat after chemotherapy. Hemp oil provides a similar benefit, aiding in getting your appetite back if you’ve had issues in that area. You can either ingest the oil or apply it topically to reap the benefits. Try it the next time you’re feeling nauseous or unable to eat.

Summing Up

Like any supplement, hemp oil’s effectiveness depends on usage and dosage. Talk with a trusted holistic professional before taking any kind of natural aid to ensure you’re getting the right amount and the best formulation for you. Going the holistic route can be super gratifying and successful, especially when you go about it the right away.

Natasha Burton has written for Women’s Health, Livestrong, MSN​.com, Cos​mopoli​tan​.com, and Wom​ans​Day​.com, among other print and online publications. She’s also the author of five books, including 101 Quizzes for Couples and The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags.

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