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These Experts Think Mixing Cannabis Edibles with Sex Is a Big Mistake

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If you’re thinking about nibbling a cannabis edible before getting frisky, you might want to think again.

Marijuana edibles are great for a lot of things. They’re inconspicuous, they don’t leave a whiff of marijuana’s tell-tale smell behind, and they can be made into just about any snack you like. But they aren’t good for introducing cannabis into your sex life, according to a pair of experts.

An oral product is a bad way to get into this,” medical marijuana doctor Jordan Tishler told Global News. I think it’s a bad way to do it in general. The oral products are very easy to quantify, but their onset is very unpredictable, even for the same person on a different day with the same product.”

That unpredictability is exactly why cannabis edibles and sex don’t mix. Another is that it’s simply too much of a good thing, says Becky Kaufman Lynn — a gynecologist from St. Louis.

There are a variety of ideas as to why [cannabis improves sex],” explained Lynn, who recently conducted a survey on how women feel about bringing marijuana into the bedroom. One is that it lowers your anxiety and stress, it gives you a little bit more confidence in your sexual ability. Or it may slow down your perception of time and heighten sensation.”

However, says Tishler, when you overdo your cannabis consumption, you run the risk of mellowing out too much to get into the mood. Excessive cannabis consumption can even lead to erectile dysfunction in men.

At really high doses of cannabis, people can withdraw enough into their own head that they essentially forget what they are doing, and it’s no longer a mutual experience, and often just ceases to happen,” warns Tishler. Sexuality occurs most between the ears. It’s a mental and emotional thing. People get very fixated on genitalia, but that’s only the end result. A lot of things have to go right for it to work.”

Overdoing it is a lot easier with edibles than it is when you choose to smoke or vape your cannabis. Not only that, but edibles can take hours to kick in, meaning you have to do a bit more planning ahead.

So, if you’re thinking of having a fling with THC, you might want to pass on the cannabis-infused chocolates — at least for your first time.

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