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Nearly 70 Percent of Colorado Dispensaries Suggested Cannabis for Pregnancy-Related Nausea

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While the topic of cannabis use during pregnancy continues to be a hotly debated subject, it seems the overwhelming majority of Colorado dispensaries are comfortable recommending cannabis treatments to pregnant women. 

A new study performed by the doctors at Denver Heath and the University of Colorado School of medicine found that most marijuana stores in the state suggested cannabis to treat pregnancy-related nausea. Less than a third of that number recommended that the woman consult with a doctor first.

The study was made up of over 400 Colorado stores, both medical and recreational. A researcher called each store and told the employee who answered that they were eight weeks pregnant and suffering from nausea. 

The researcher found that 69 percent of stores recommend that she treat her nausea with cannabis. Only 32 percent of those stores told her to consult a doctor first, but that number grew to 82 if the caller asked directly if she should. 

While most stores did recommend marijuana treatments, they were not consistent in which treatments the woman should take. Some recommended products high in the intoxicating THC, while some recommended CBD only, which would not get the user high. 

The researcher noted that many employees told her that the packaging labels warned against using cannabis, but then proceeded to recommend it anyway. 

Other recent studies have shown that nearly 75 percent of women think consuming cannabis during pregnancy is okay, despite some evidence that it can have serious health risks for the unborn child, including neuro-developmental issues, low birth weight and cognitive impairments.

While these links have been established, many have noted that no notable studies have shown significant effects on pregnant women or their children, though it has been shown to reduce nausea.

As with most medical benefits attributed to cannabis, more research is direly needed so that all patients can make a more informed decision in determining what is best for their health.

h/​t Denver Post

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