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The 5 Oldest Strains of Marijuana

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You’re not the first person to wonder what are the oldest marijuana strains?” and be caught off guard about how unsure we are about the answer. So far, our best research tells us that cannabis originates from central and south Asia in areas near the Middle East and the Himalayan Mountains. Human intervention spread cannabis throughout the rest of the world, and most researches believe that the original strains were lost as a result of cross-breeding. For your convenience, here we list five varieties of what are thought to be some of the oldest marijuana strains known to science.

  1. Thai
    Thai is a potent sativa landrace strain native to Thailand that’s known for its smell and taste of sweet citrus. Thai (first brought to the United States in the 1970s) has a long growth cycle and it is slow to flower, but it has given rise to famous strains such as Haze and Juicy Fruit.
  2. Aceh
    Aceh is a pure sativa landrace that shares a name with the region of Indonesia from which it originates. Also known as Atjeh,” this old strain of cannabis typically grows tall and thin and has distinct flavors of earth, lemon, and mango.
  3. Nepalese
    Nepalese landrace strains are old marijuana varieties that grow throughout Nepal, and even through they have a growth structure similar to many sativa strains, their flowers produce the relaxing, sedative effects associated with indica varieties. Cannabis strains native to Nepal have reputations for being particularly resinous and emitting a pungent aroma.
  4. Hindu Kush
    Named for the mountainous region between modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan from which it originates, Hindu Kush is an old strain of marijuana that has been cultivated for thousands of years. A pure indica, Hindu Kush produces an exceptionally thick layer of resinous trichomes and to exhibit an aroma of sweet earth and sandalwood.
  5. Afghani
    This landrace cannabis strain originates from Afghanistan thought to be one of the oldest varieties of marijuana to have grown. Afghani is an indica strain that exhibits a sweet aroma of earth and pine, and it’s known for its especially heavy resin production.

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