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This Cannabis Suppository Is Said To Make Sex Better Than Ever

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Products targeted for sexual pleasure that were also easy to use was the initial thought process when FORIA officials got wind that gay men were freezing their flagship product – FORIA Pleasure, a cannabis-based lubricant – in ice cube trays and using them to increase the comfort and pleasure of anal sex.

We actually had people from the LGBTQ community reaching out to us … and explaining how they’d created their own suppositories using FORIA Pleasure,” FORIA communications director Brittany Confer told Civilized.

We thought: Holy shit. That’s amazing. But there has to be a way to make this into a more enjoyable format. In other words, how could we adjust this a bit so it doesn’t involve sticking an ice cube up your butt?”

Just like, the idea for FORIA Explore was born.

According to a FORIA press release, the cannabis-based rectal suppository is the first of its kind to be specifically formulated for deeper pleasure during anal play.”

The THC- and CBD-infused suppositories are crafted to maximize the muscle-relaxing, sensual-enhancing properties of cannabis”, all while promoting full body relaxation” and enhanced pleasure during anal play with a clear, engaged mind.”

Each FORIA Explore suppository contains 30 mg of C02-extracted THC and 20 mg of a CBD isolate from USDA organic hemp provided by Colorado Cultivars.

More importantly, they serve as a posh alternative” to dangerous substances like amyl nitrite (also known as Poppers’), a popular muscle relaxant used among homosexual men from the 1970s onward. The drug has been known to lead to decreased blood pressure, heightened heart rate and can more than double one’s chance of HIV infection in receptive anal sex.”

The only sexual enhancement [drug] specifically for the LGBTQ community before FORIA was poppers… which are terrible, terrible drugs. We thought it would be incredible to come out with an all-natural medicine that could do the same thing,” said Confer.

The rectal suppository does the exact same thing in a more localized fashion, where you do get the full body relaxation but specific to the rectal region… without any harmful numbing effects.”

Each suppository contains 30 mg of C02-extracted THC and 20 mg of a CBD isolate from USDA organic hemp provided by Colorado Cultivars, in a base of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, chosen for its soothing and moisturizing properties.” These compounds are absorbed locally and activate cannabinoid receptors throughout the pelvic region.

Confer presses that cannabis-based rectal suppositories can be used for a lot more than just sexual pleasure, however. She sees these kinds of products only continuing to grow in popularity as more and more people discover the benefits unique to this method of consumption.

One of the lesser known and significant advantages of cannabis suppositories is that they are two to three times more bioavailable (rate of bodily absorption) than eating or smoking,” reads the press release.

If you require large doses of cannabis for health reasons, this is the most effective way to deliver medicine into the body.”

Confer said FORIA has plans to develop a range of other kinds of suppositories. 

Suppositories allow people who are on the fence [about cannabis] to view it as more of a medicinal entity than a recreational one,” said Confer. I think the suppository format is going to be something that helps people accept cannabis medicine more and more. Hopefully, it will help lead to more legalization across the nation.”

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